Received a bill?  Now offering online bill payment through PayPal.  

Please click the button below to make a payment.   

 Thank you! We appreciate your business.

Thank you! We appreciate your business.


  • How do I send money using PayPal.Me?

    Just follow the PayPal.Me link above (embedded in the PayPal button). Type in the due amount on your bill and choose how you would like to pay.  You can send funds from your PayPal balance, bank account, or choose your preferred debit or credit card. If you do not have a PayPal account, PayPal will help you create one. According to them, signup is fast and free.

  • What are the fees for sending money?

    Per PayPal, you will not incur a fee when sending money to pay for your dental service.

  • Will my payment be applied to my account at Life Point Dental?

    Absolutely! Your funds will be applied to your account once PayPal has emailed us that your transaction was successful.

For more questions or concerns regarding PayPal.Me, please refer to the following site: